Bradley Beal was NOT selected as a starter for the 2022 ASG.

Beal chipped in 25 points (10-19 FG, 1-3 3Pt, 4-5 FT), five rebounds and eight assists over 40 minutes during Friday's 109-105 loss to Toronto.. Aside from a 13-point game against the Sixers on ... Bradley Beal Not Concerned With Lack of Early All-Star Votes ... 2022 at 7:24 pm. ... whether that is as a starter through fan voting (which accounts for half of all votes) or as one of the ... Needing all the offense they can get out of Bradley Beal, he averages the most minutes of any of the starters and is the only starter averaging over 30 minutes. Beal averages 36 minutes per game and has made 57 starts this season. Todd Monken took the podium for his press conference on Zoom with reporters Tuesday, he took a fire extinguisher to any idea other than Stetson Bennett is the QB at Georgia. Beal not concerned with lack of early All-Star votes originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington. One season after he started the All-Star Game for the first time in his career and received the ... Rockets forward Jae’Sean Tate also met the starter criteria on Friday by making his 41st start of the season, but Houston holds a minimum-salary team option on Tate for the 2022/23 season, so he won’t reach restricted free agency until ’23, assuming he’s not extended before then. Beal had been playing some of his best basketball in an otherwise rocky season. He had averaged 27.3 points while shooting 45.2 percent and adding 8.8 assists in six games since he returned Dec. 30. Bradley Emmanuel Beal (born June 28, 1993) is an American professional basketball player for the Washington Wizards of the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played college basketball for the Florida Gators before being selected by the Wizards with the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft.Beal was selected in the 2013 NBA All-Rookie First Team, and is a three-time NBA All-Star Beal-Smith led the Deacons with 732 yards rushing in 2020. ... had a 17-4 record over the last two years as a starter for Broad Run High School. ... finishes with a No. 15 ranking in the ... Washington Wizards guard Bradley Beal (3) loses the ball next to Philadelphia 76ers guard Seth Curry (31) during the first half of an NBA basketball game, Monday, Jan. 17, 2022, in Washington.

2022.01.27 21:30 MrBuckBuck Bradley Beal was NOT selected as a starter for the 2022 ASG.

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2022.01.27 21:30 Shakey1212 What was your “dream job”? If you got it, was it worth it?

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2022.01.27 21:30 CNET_ALL_BOT CNET - Huawei P50 Pro: Hands on

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2022.01.27 21:30 Noone_1221 I got lucky today!

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2022.01.27 21:30 thgoose goose but it a puzzle
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2022.01.27 21:30 Jneum23 ITS YOUR NOSE!!!!!

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2022.01.27 21:30 roamingstraycat I think my girlfriend's best friend is toxic

So, my Girlfiend of almost two years has a Best Friend (we're all women in mid/late 20s), who's behaviours have been bothering me for a while. First red flags appeared when we just started dating and the friend became extremely jelaous of me. Not in romantic way or anything like that, but like my girl's attention was something I was stealing from her. I chose to ignore that, thinking it would pass, especially because I found Best Friend fun to be around and thought we're gonna get along with time. But then I started to notice only more and more alarming things. Like Girlfriend saying things like "Best Friend is the only person who truly likes the person I am", "I can trust no one but Best Friend". Naturally, the longer we are together, the more people from our lives started to mingle. That's when I first heard the stories of Best Friend's past, in which she was almost always a terrible, manipulative person. When I confronted Girlfriend about that, she became defensive and stated that Best Friend had a dark time in her life back then and she's sorry about all the things she's done. The thing is, I don't think so. One time Best Friend said something straight up cruel to one of my friends (in front of like eight other people) and tried to convince the rest of of them that she was the victim, that said friend is a bad person, who wanted to provoke this situation, so everyone around will hate her. Well, no one believed her bullshit. Maybe two weeks later I noticed Girlfriend becoming more and more timid and quiet around my friends. Turns out, she's sure they all despise her, even though she's known them for few months and everything was fine so far. Then I discovered that sometimes, when Best Friend is upset she accuses Girlfriend of being annoying and stupid, but when Girlfriend gets angry (like she rightfully did, when I discovered Friend straight up lying about a certain situation), Best Friend can play the victim as far as to threaten to physically hurt herself if Girlfriend doesn't pardon her. No matter what happens, Girlfriend is always the person to say sorry to Best Friend, yet Girlfriend also always finds someways to justify Friend's actions. Always. From multiple sources (not connected to one another) I've heard about Best Friend straight up badmouthing Girlfriend behind her back. And blaming Girlfriend for things she's done, like one time Friend stood someone up, arguing that Girlfriend straight up demanded her not to go. As it turned out, Girlfriend had no idea Friend was even supposed to meet someone that day and it was Friend, who called her to grab a coffee.
I honestly don't know what to do. Girlfriend seems to avoid venting or telling anything even slightly negative about Best Friend now, because she doesn't want me to think Best Friend is a bad person. They've been friends for long years and I know they had many good times together, I can't argue with that. At the same time, I feel like Best Friend is isolating Girlfriend and purposely making her feel like Friend is the only person in the whole wide world who would never truly hurt her. Maybe some of you were in similar situation and can give me a piece of advice? Maybe some ways to hint the problem?
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2022.01.27 21:30 romothegoat9 I foolishly re watched the entire season halfway through the first book. Help

I kind of feel un motivated to pick up the books because it feels like I will just be reading a story I just watched.
Some words of motivation to pick the book back up? Please? I was enjoying it so much and I feel like I robed myself of the complete reading experience
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2022.01.27 21:30 Grymvild Lightning Tendrils is kind of insane now.

For reference one of the more popular spells getting buffed now is Freezing Pulse.
Pre-buff it's 888-1332 damage at gem level 20, and at base cast speed of 0.65 we reach a base DPS of 1707.
Post-buff it has base damage of 1458-2188 so the base DPS will be 2804. That's a massive increase of ~64% and people are very hype for it and rightfully so.

Now, Lightning Tendrils? Back before the changes it's got a base damage of 37-703 and every fourth cast does 100% more damage. So the average damage is 370, with every fourth hit doing 740 damage. At a base cast speed of 0.23 we get just over 4 casts a second which puts the spell at a base DPS of 2010.
Phantasmal alternate quality changes the way the spell works a bit, as it reduces the base damage of the spell but makes every fourth cast hit much harder. With a 20% quality gem the spell now has a base damage of 222, with every fourth cast dealing 300% more damage. Base DPS for this version of the gem is then 1689 which is actually a big DPS downgrade.
The base DPS of the spell is higher than Freezing Pulse, but due to Freezing Pulse being mechanically better and the area coverage of Lightning Tendrils being so bad comparatively, it'd be a nobrainer to play Freezing Pulse over it.

Now, with Lightning Tendrils getting buffs both to the base spell AND to Phantasmal alternate quality it's looking really, really juicy.
The base damage goes to 55-1052 and the fourth hit now deals 200% more damage instead of 100%. That puts the base damage at 553.5 with 200% more damage on the fourth hit, for a base DPS of 3321. That's an enormously large base DPS by itself but still, at around 20% more DPS compared to Freezing Pulse, the mechanical disadvantages hurt this spell a lot.
But the Phantasmal variant was buffed massively as well. It now has 15% less damage at 20% quality, and gives 250% more damage to the last hit making the fourth hit deal 450% more damage. This means the base damage will be 470.475 with 450% more damage on the fourth hit, for a total DPS of 4346! The new Phantasmal Lightning Tendrils beats out Freezing Pulse by a whopping 55%. Now suddenly there's an argument that can be made for using Lightning Tendrils over Freezing Pulse.
Today was a very good day for anyone who's enjoyed Lightning Tendrils, and I'm pretty hype for the spell now. 55% more DPS over one of the most buffed spells is kind of insane.
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2022.01.27 21:30 Kobe_Wan_Kenobi24 No matter how you feel about the selection, Andrew Wiggins making the All Star game after all the criticism is hilariously remarkable.

The guy was considered a bust and one of the most disappointing prospects ever but he still ended up making the all star game i can't help but laugh.
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2022.01.27 21:30 ironwood18 Mountaineering Boot Fit

Hi! I’m fitting my first pair of mountaineering boots for both ice climbing and general alpine climbing, so I ordered a few different sizes to try on and see which fits best. Unfortunately the state I live in doesn’t have any mountaineering stores, so ordering online is the only way to go. I am normally a street size 9.5-10, and when I went out with a guide I used a size 43 boot which felt good besides some pain when kicking hard on vertical ice. So I got Scarps Mont Blancs in sizes 43 and 44. I also got a pair of La Sportiva Nepals in 43.5 to try the half size. I like the Mont Blancs much better, however they are a tad bit snug in the toe box with the size 44. I can still slightly wiggle my toes wearing mountaineering socks, but it does feel a bit restricted. Is that something that stretches over time, or should it be slightly tight in that area? The Nepals are noticeably much roomier in the toe box and fit pretty comfortably, although things aren’t as snug around the heel. The Mont Blancs fit nice and snug everywhere, it’s just that toe area I’m concerned with. Any thoughts?
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2022.01.27 21:30 idkILiketoLook Playing qualifiers and this man holds the ball for 80% possession doing ball roll scoop turns at half and in his half. He’s 1-0 up first half. I left. This is FUT champs

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2022.01.27 21:30 crazy8piggy908 quite a distinguished gentleman

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2022.01.27 21:30 muffyy28 are you diagnosed with autism or undiagnosed (but show signs/think you are autistic)?

both are valid and accepted here :) just want to know how accurate online statistics are!
View Poll
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2022.01.27 21:30 Goochpapadopolis Any Planet Asia love?

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2022.01.27 21:30 Terminandrew I'm just trying to grow as a Bedwars YouTuber sighhhhh achieved my first ban in the Discord server

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2022.01.27 21:30 Top_King2933 Yay

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2022.01.27 21:30 NeinLion Bought open box excellent, but it has damage

So I just bought a open box excellent laptop (Alienware M15 R5) and upon them letting me inspect the device, I noticed there was a scratch on the bottom and some scuffs on the back. I dont personally care about these things, but Excellent is supposed to mean no damage. I asked both the rep and the general manager if my return policy will still be valid, and they both said yes. I dont plan on returning it unless I dont like it for some reason or another, but was it a bad idea? They did discount it for the damage but it the tag on the box says No damage.
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2022.01.27 21:30 Jaytheawesomelegend Looking for mm

6 DM Santa paws and 3 gold 404 demons for 150k RHD
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2022.01.27 21:30 mariah80 Root canal recommendations

Hi does anybody know any excellent endodentists in this area? I need to get a root canal. Dont care about bedside manner, just skills Thanks
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2022.01.27 21:30 visaysrage logic pro x cracked for mac ?

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2022.01.27 21:30 deejayviper Sign up here for $25 and more
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2022.01.27 21:30 KadiDuzIt [FREE] Key Glock x 21 Savage x Memphis Type Beat "LUNATIC"

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2022.01.27 21:30 cottontaileevee Why are my jade’s leaves drooping and yellowing?

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2022.01.27 21:30 Putin-is-listening Ronald Reagan getting pissed at the mic operator

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