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Stay the course! 58 weekly trays. I am done.

2022.01.27 21:32 hazbutler Stay the course! 58 weekly trays. I am done.

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2022.01.27 21:32 beanplantlol nested if statements inside always block? (new to verilog)

I cant put my code here because its for an assignment but I will type out the logic. I just want to check if im making my always and if statements correctly because i keep getting syntax errors (expecting ")", expecting "=") . If you need more information feel free to DM me and I can show you more detailed code/errors, thanks

always@(posedge clock)

if(counter== certain time)
*do stuff*
if(counter== certain time)
*do stuff*

else //if switch ==1
if(counter== certain time)
*do stuff*
if(counter== certain time)
*do stuff*

end //end always block
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2022.01.27 21:32 Abs0lutE__zer0_ Donald Trump giving a speech on the campaign trail (2015)

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2022.01.27 21:32 bwakaflocka [UNITE HERE] The hospitality workers' union—including thousands of stadium workers—stands in solidarity with the MLBPA

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2022.01.27 21:32 Decent-Habit-8554 It's not about the money, Spiderman...

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2022.01.27 21:32 NefalissYS My Review of Fallout New Vegas after 900 Hours. Things I enjoy/dislike

400 Hours into my Xbox 360 version, 300 Hours in the Steam Version and somewhat recently about 200 more hours into the GOG version. This is all done on GOTY Edition of the game and about 380 out of 500 of those hours on PC includes playing it with a good amount of mods.
That being said, New Vegas I would say is the most enjoyable Fallout game for me but I wouldn't say it does everything right and I also think that there are some specific aspects that other Fallout games do better than it.
This is a long review so I ask you for your patience...or just jump down to the TLDR and Conclusion/Final Score.


- THIS to me is the best part about New Vegas. It does the role playing aspect better and with more fun and depth than any other game in the series. Your character won't be able to do everthing (at least not for most of the game) so carefuly choose in what you want to specialize, be it by way of Traits which you can only pick 2 from the very start, Perks that you only get once every 2 levels and Skills where you will maximize to your playstyle; cautiously placing this amount this level for a certain Perk this level and saving the rest of your points for another Perk that you will need late on.
- Plenty of games out there make their character buildings either too complicated for new players to get into or lacking in depth that it doesn't feel rewarding for those who sink their teeth into. New Vegas really nails it though.

- Now, Fallout 4 does have the best gunplay in the series but the shooting in New Vegas still feels really nice! And it is especially awesome that it is incorporated into character building, as a character who invests in Guns for example will be more accurate and deal more damage with said type of weapon than a character that doesn't invest into it.
- Not many Role Playing Games do the shooting aspect, but I like that the Gunplay here feels satysfing, heavy and impactful. Sniper Rifles tilt a bit even if you meet its requirements so you must play a patient mini-game like an actual sniper, Explosives do more the closer the grenade is to the blast zone so aim them properly and much more!

- Be it the Sunset Sarparillas scattered everywhere to ensure that you can have a decent soure of healing or the skill magazines layed in places close to where you would need them the most; Weapons of all playstyles well scattered across the Wasteland for you find or a variety of merchants that will also full-fill the needs of your play style, New Vegas's areas may feel a bit compacted but I like that everything is just around close for the play to pick and potentially make a small detour for that specific weapon that fits their character.
- Examples would be Novac where you can get yourself That Gun from the Dinoshop OR close by at the Novac Test Sight where you can pick lots of weapons and ammo for all of your Energy Weapons needs.
- Open World games can feel overwhelming with how much space they give you and it can be both hard and tedious to find what you need in such an expanse. Fortunately, New Vegas keeps it simple but efficient for anyone.

I don't hate Fallout 3 or any game in the series. They all have their ups and downs. I think there are a things F3 does better than New Vegas when it comes to locations, atmosphere and quests. But I'll comeback to this later. For now, the things NV improved from Fallout 3.
- Ironsights for guns.
- Repairing items to max efficiency. Your repair skill only affects how much your weapons/armor get repaired instead of restricting those higher percentages to your repair skill. I much prefer this system.
- Skill Checks are no longer percentage based. You either fullfill the requirements or you don't, rewarding and punishing you for your choices in character building. While Speech and Barter will take most checks, it is nice to see that other Skills and SPECIAL Stats are also being able to be taken into account.
- VATS no longer makes you invincible. Now, I don't use VATS all that much in either game but I like it that you can't cheese your through the game with it.
- Energy Weapons and Explosives are now much more open from the start in NV. Really feels like you are primarily using Small Guns for the most of beginning and mid portions of Fallout 3 and only once the story starts to unfold with the Brotherhood and the Enclave that Energy Weapons and Big-Boom Guns really open up for you to use.
- Fast Start : Through Doc Mitch, you start off by naming yourself, picking your SPECIAL stats, choosing your specialzed Traits and Skills to tag; he then gives you your Pipboy, you can choose to play in Hardcore and BAM, you are good to go! Simple but quick character creation without having to go through some tutorial section for it.
Of course, you can make a save before you leave the vault to change your character or make important choices like killing The Overseer in F3 to get a different game quest but it is nice that NV provides me with something quick and easy.

I personally do like and miss the Weapon Crafting Schematichs in Fallout 3. It's a slight shame that they are not in New Vegas but I am not going to really complain about it either. What I am here to talk about instead is the ability to craft ammo! Need more ammunition? Low on caps (because you are not farming Legion Assassins and did not pick "Dem Good Tastes" Perk)? Then no problem! Break down ammunition from your guns into materials and make new ones! And it doesn't stop there! Recycle your drained energy cells and/or convert cells of one type to another.
In all seriousness, this is such an awesome but simple crafting system that makes the gunplay even better!

It's not the most advanced Faction System that an RPG can have but I am so glad it is here and that you can completely change your reputation with these groups if you disguise yourself as one of their members.

Not every weapon and not every armor is built equal and I like it that you must select the right weapon and/or ammo type to penetrate through their defenses. Just adds more depth to the game in such a nice fashion.

I know many people hate them but these are some of the best places in the game to explore and that feel satsfying from a gameplay perspective to do so. One overfilled with Mantises and looking out deadly boopby traps and at the ends awaits you a happy-go-and-deadly Vault Tech Trap. Another one completely irradiated and its inhabitants turned into Ferral Ghouls. Navigate through it, unlocking paths by draining the water and at the end of it all is the armory with lots of goodies for your Guns character(s).

Look I get it that this game was rushed and there was much more that Obsidian wanted to do. But still, they had 18 months to put something together. Majoras Mask and Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne are all games with short development cycles which also re-used the same engine and resources as the previous game. And...they are amazing! Better than their previous counterpart!
New Vegas did manage to do so by turning Fallout 3 back into a proper RPG and it did so amazingly! But, at least for me, it also does certain things worse in comparison to FO3 and on its own.

- Honestly, questing in New Vegas is so very boring. Other than the initial Town Shooting in Goodsprings, the varying plot lines that can happen with Veronica if she stays or leaves The Brotherhood and the DLCs, everything here is just so lacking.
- In Fallout 3 you have the Survival Guide which has you going to various locations to complete specific tasks that differ from your usual gameplay routine; the Power of Atom where you can disarm the Bomb in Megaton OR blow it to compelely to change the landscape. Doing so also opens up far another quest involing Ghouls who want to live in Tempany Tower. Or how about the Simulation that you must enter to rescue your dad in the Main Quest? You don't have your gear and you must either find a way to "shut it" all down or kill everyone you are told to and gain "Evil Karma" in the process.
- New Vegas doesn't have much of this type of content to shake things up. Don't get me wrong, blowing up Nukes in Loansome Road with a Laser Detonator or Avoiding the beeping Radios so that my head doesn't blow up in Sierra Madre is all quite enjoyable. But like...most of the activities in this game are bland as hell. Even with time constrains, I really think that they could and should have done better at this.

- This really ties to the point above. Now, I am one of the few people who actually does enjoy the Vaults in New Vegas and what they offer gameplay wise. What about the rest of the zones in the map? Well...they are, like most of the quests in this game, just very bland.
- I appreciate that everything is reasonably accesable and close-by for anyone who can pick up the game and play it but most zones and other locations in this game that aren't the Vaults, The Lucky 38 or the DLC maps are not interesting at all to explore.
- I am more forgiving with this subject and regarding Obsidian being rushed with the game. Creating areas for a game is quite exhausting and time consuming especially if you want to make them high quality. Nonetheless, I still think New Vegas could have done betteron this regard as well. Majoras Mask in less time created better dungeons and memorable quests than those in Ocarina. The Frozen Throne also gave us an amazing campaign with fun and varied missions more enjoyable than those in Reign of Chaos.

- I play New Vegas ALWAYS on Very Hard + Hardcore mode. Why? Because otherwise the game is just too easy. Like, figuring out how to properly build a character isn't all too hard and once you do, either partially or completely, you can break this game apart by just playing normally.
- The tougher enemies such as the Legion and NCR Death Squads, Brotherhood Paladins, Deathclaws and to some extent large Cazadors are all good walls against early game, unequiped characters. But really, getting good equipment or have the right specialization points for your character are all mostly trivial. And once you do, once you get stronger and continue to get stronger, I really don't feel like the game keeps up you well. Most of the fighting stops being engaging.
- The reasons why I continue to play Dragon Age Origins (a game from 2009) and Horizon Zero Dawn (2017) even to this day as some of my favorite games ever is because the gameplay never stops being challenging. Even if I become really good at them, things are always engaging and stomping through battles is never "too easy" or completely free.
Be it in Origins with kiting away against melee attackers with my ranged character, using my potions at the right moment or pre-entively, focus firing a dangerous target with my party, carefuly placing my AoE spell so that my party doesn't get hit and most enemies do, ect.
OR in Horizon where I must roll away at the right time and not roll spam or else I will get hit, zig-zag against the bombarments of ice or electricity, aiming at certain machine parts to destroy their most dangerous attacks and cripple them, putting on the right clothing against this machine or else I will get one shotted, ect.
I know that Origins and Horizon are very much un-rushed finished games but they are just here to serve as examples of why having proper difficulty and challenge at all times in a game is so important.
- New Vegas's overall combat isn't the most engaging and when it is, it doesn't last very long. Your character isn't very mobile (no dashes or rolls) and doesn't have other cool stuff of the likes of secondary fire. Trying out specific challenges like beating the game with only 1 or 2 weapons really doesn't feel as rewarding and more than anything feels like a chore.
The most fun that I personally get out of it is seeing my efficient build and my improved weapons/equipment all come together to stomp through enemies as hard as possible.
- Every game in the Fallout Series has its issues when it comes to gameplay. The things I said here about New Vegas are also very much applied to Fallout 3. And the older games...1 and 2 are just so messy. You can either struggle with battles or hard stomp them depending on whether you want to break the game or not. And-even-if-you-do I hope you enjoy getting randomly critted to your death. Sorry, those old games are just not my type to experience for their gameplay.

I want to tie my 3 previous points above with this.
I am never going to stop praising how good character building is in this game and the roleplaying possibilities it offers with each character.
Now...it takes a while for your character to really reach full circle with all of its Skills, Equipment and especially your Perks since the majority of them are tied to a certain level.
So what do I do to progress? I don't want to do most of the Quests that the game offers. I don't find the things I do for them very interesting unless its related fighting. Like the quest where you have to turn in the heads of 3 dangerous Fiend members. It is a small walk for easy experience and ammo.
Most of the places that I have the possibility of visiting are...lacking. And I only go out of my way either because they have a weapon that my character needs or because its a fast XP booster.
While the shooting will be enjoyable, it's not very hard to trivialize most of these early or even mid game fights. And as I slowly work my way to hit up powerspikes, the game becomes even easier.
I bring all of this up summerized because whenever I want to start out a new character in this game; be it something new-ish or re-do my characters with even more perfection, I can only help but think of how much a chore it is to get towards my planned-out character. And also, just wandering what is left from the game that can be challenging and engaging once I reach that point.
It's annoying because New Vegas does such a good job at being a proper RPG and one that anyone can enjoy without being to overwhelmed by a sea of numbers or absurd game mechanics. Yet most of journey can feel dull and the arrival towards that destination that is your character is both satisfying...and empty.

- I will admit, I am not the biggest fan of the Fallout when it comes to its setting and writing. I feel like the series has overall decent writing, especially in the Pre-Fallout 4 games but if I really wanted to play a game for its story and characters, I would personally lean more to Obsidian's own KOTOR 2, Bioware of Old's Dragon Age Origins and the Mass Effect Trilogy or the Persona and SMT Series.
That being said, I like most of the factions of this game. They feel quite believable and practical, with each having their strengths and their weaknesses reflected in game. The Boomers are deadly with explosives but their numbers are somewhat few and them being concetrated in their base can be both a strength and a weakness. The Brotherhood who are the most technologically sofisticated faction in the Mojave; a Self Sustained Bunker and the most powerful of Armors and Energy Armaments...yet they are also stuborn. Too stuck to tradition and way to issolated, to the point that this stuborness can and will lead to their doom. Etc, etc with all of them.
- Now imagine this. Living in a torn appart world. Blasted and burned away by Nuclear Bombs. So much of the land is toxic and irradiated, to the point that even eating and drinking can lead to your death. There are deadly nightmare-ish creatures of the likes of Ferral Ghouls, Deathclaws, Cazadores, giant Scorpions and Geckos and other mutated horrors. There are heavily armed factions of likes of the militarized NCR or the crazed-drugged Fiends who have Energy Weapons of their own.
YOU...are living in this world that is just as mundain and harsh as ours...but even worse as it has turned into a post-nuclear wasteland. Poisonous and filled with deadly factions and other creatures mentioned above. And you are going to be part of faction that murders, crucify and enslaves people and burns their towns to the ground all the while dealing with the harshness of the land. And you and your members primarily fight with melee weapons while the other factions, even random raiders out there better gun-equiped than you. And that is just so fucking dum.
- I'll say this plainly : The Legion to me make no sense what so ever. There is such a lack of human weight to their faction, to all the things they do in the wasteland and worse of all, they are trying to win against a numerous militarized faction that is the NCR by primarily equiping its warriors with primitive-ass weapons.
- Like, in what sci-fi setting with a proper sense of "Realism" do a bunch of degenerate crazy folks who dress as romans and whose main method of fighting is to do so with Melee Weapons should ever, EVER defeat trained soldiers who have Guns in high quality and quantity. GUNS!!! Yes, I am aware the Legion do have ranged armament of their own but the NCR have superior armament and armor (and much more of it) to the point that the Legion should never be anything but a nuisance to them.
What happens if you pit 200 Samurai with Katanas and a few with Sub Machineguns against 100 Soldiers with powerful, heavy hitting long range weaponry? The Soldiers win and it's not even close. The only thing that the Samurai would have to fight against the Soldiers are their SMGs and in war, it is the soldiers with the best equipment that will and should win most confrontations. I don't even see how the Legion should be a threat to the NCR or any of these factions with how they fight.
And it bothers me : Why does NO ONE in this community ever talk about this?! You all talk about all the horrible things the Legion do or praise them for making their own money but has someone in the Fallout community who discusses New Vegas lore ever sat down to think that there is something very wrong and dum about how crazed, mundain men with melee weapons, throwing spears and some guns are trying to take other mundain, militarized men who completely out gun them? It seems so off to me, almost a joke and it makes the Legion impossible to take seriously. Heck, even Lenarius, their greatest warrior, is just another masked brute who fights with a broadsword! What is even stopping a Veteran Ranger with an Anti-Material Rifle from putting him down like its nothing?!
The Super Mutants in Fallout 1 were overkill-ing-ly buffed and had heavy weapons to go with them. The Enclave in both Fallout 2 and 3 were the superior technological force of the Wasteland bringing out the strongest weapons and power armor. What actual advantage do the Legion even have if they ever decide to go against the NCR in head on combat? Nothing!
- Now...the other thing that bothers is just how completely crazed and unsympathetic the Legion feel but in a very absurd way. They are spreading so much missery across the Mojave and yet it feels like everyone in their ranks is ok with what they are doing?! There are no characters within that stand out against what is happening?! There is so much weight put into anyone willing to crucify, murder and ensalve others in such hard-living land but with the way the Legion are written, it really feels like everything is too easy and fine.
If I were put in the shoes of a Legionarre, I would either hate every moment of it or force myself to go crazy to cope with it; with all the harsh things I am doing while trying to survive in an ever more fucked up World; all of my suffering and struggles for just some idealistic, extremistic dictator that wants us to go against the military force that is the NCR while fighting them off like barbarians.
- I would have been down if the Legion existed as a faction of their own and not as the main antagonists. Because that is really and purely how the Legion are build. Only as villains. I know, I know. This is one of the biggest things that Obsidian wanted to expand upon but could not. But I am just not happy at all with what we got and I am not convinced with what we would have gotten if this is the direction that Obsidian wanted to take with the Legion.

- I have other minor complains like Endurance being too important of a stat because of implants and Charisma being too useless; with its only use being to make companions more overpowered than what they already are. But it is fine. Not everything has to be perfectly. And regarding your companions you can just have them wait in a safe location, allowing you travel alone while benefiting of their perks (just be sure to visit them every once in a while or they will leave you).
- As well as Melee just being dum, boring and overpowered especially with how good ranged weaponry is. It's also just...whatever. I don't have to spec into melee and it doesn't take away from the good/fun parts of the game. A simple man that is neither anime or super-natural doing more damage than a bolt of plasma is absurd and overly silly for immersion. Yet this is just a game. It's more important for a game to be fun than overly "Realistic".

Good Things :
- CHARACTER BUILDING and Role-playing!
- The Shooting (not as good as FO4's but still really nice)
- Well Placed Items in a Compact but Meaningful Map
- Various Issues Fixed from Fallout 3 that Include : Ironsights, Repair System, Skill Checks, VATS, Better Availability for Energy Weapon and Explosives and a Quicker Start.
- Crafting System for Ammo
- Faction System
- Damage Thresh-hold
- The Vaults

Bad Things :
- Boring Questing
- (Mostly) Uninteresting Locations
- Lacking Difficulty of Enemies
- Slow Progression
- The Legion being poorly written despite time constrains
- Minor Complains : Endurance/Charisma Stats and a bland Melee Combat

New Vegas is the most enjoyable Fallout game for me to play and it does so without really requiring the hard aid of mods despite all of my gripes with it. I have played every game in the FO series except for 76. Will get into trying out FO76 once I am done deciding whether Destiny 2 is for me or not.
This game is not as perfect as everyone says it is, far from it. Rushed games are certainly not complete experiences but I am not willing to give Obsidian a pass on everything as there are other big companies that have done more with about more or less time as they had. But what I am willing to do is to give them hard praise for turning Fallout 3 into a dam good, solid RPG even with Bethesda's buggy engine and 18 months of work.
Hopefuly, The Outer Worlds 2 turns into the high quality big open world, real time RPG that we have all been craving for. Especially with Mass Effect delivering a mostly dissapointing thing with Andromeda, and CDPR not full-fillng what they promised out of terrible corporated decisions with Cyberpunk 2077. And who knows...maybe Star Field will actually be really good and (not entirely) un-buggy?
My Final Score for New Vegas : 8.7 / 10
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2022.01.27 21:32 Theyrs Is it easy to get a business job as an American in Mumbai?

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2022.01.27 21:32 Dependent_Method_446 The female diver escaped underwater diving movie 679

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2022.01.27 21:32 w12ww You haven't lived if you haven't done this

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2022.01.27 21:32 gurltriste I scored these chunky vintage Candies and just got to put them up on my shop! I am absolutely thrilled with this find!

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2022.01.27 21:32 StockPumperDumper What is the most you have made or lost in a single day trading stock options?

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2022.01.27 21:32 m1stadobal1na Do I still exist? Do any of us? Help.

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2022.01.27 21:32 that_vibe_guy The Train Triplets, Night Time Terror of The Tracks

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2022.01.27 21:32 Emerald_Eclipse animating items

is there a way to animate items (sword) in 1.17? I've watched videos from like 6 years ago but the methods don't work
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2022.01.27 21:32 Regular-Wash1221 Part of a new series : Houses of Denton | Shot on 120 Medium Format film - Instagram @mikesfilmstash

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2022.01.27 21:32 clueless6405 Any info and worth on this?

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2022.01.27 21:32 skytmo How many bogo line "pairs" can be added?

If I start a new account with Magenta Max, I can get one free line with the first 3 lines. Let's say I want to get up to 9 lines. Can I get another 6 lines with the bogo offer (buy 3, get 3 free)? Thx
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2022.01.27 21:32 HollySki What is experimenting (to you)?

Inspired by another post on here, mostly bc I see a lot of people not wanting to be experiments and not really understanding what it means myself. I am fortunate in that I didn't need to go out with anyone to work out my feelings, so maybe that's where my confusion comes from; lack of experience.
Maybe it's the closet romantic in me, but I can't wrap my head around dating someone without wanting to actually date them. At which point surely that's no longer an experiment? That's just dating, and then when one becomes uninterested you break up like other relationships where one/both become uninterested? Feelings get hurt bc it's a breakup, but that doesn't stop the original ones from having existed?
Please help me understand. I know some people will have different opinions on what counts as experimenting hence making a new post rather than a comment on the original thread.
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2022.01.27 21:32 nek0lily I don't think I'm gonna get into uni, I physically can't play bass for more than 5 minutes without my hand either locking up or getting extremely sore.

So I've recently applied to uni, and although I'm able to sing. And that's usually what i do in performances, I've learnt to play piano, drums, bass, etc. Singing could be a back up, but honestly I'm tired of doing just that, I really want to get in on another instrument. I stopped drumming much because it causes repetitive strain, piano caused my fingers to lock up and ache for days. And bass absolutely destroys my wrists and fingers. I've tried having a wrist support (metal not tubular) on, but I can't bend my wrist to play when I'm on it. I really don't wanna just give up, but it's genuinely agonising. To the point that I've tried to push through it because I really enjoy it, but afterwards I can hardly move it, or hold any weight on it (and that's just after 20 minutes of playing). I genuinely feel so disheartened and have pretty much given up before following on with any auditions. I know universities ask for any disability, and I've explained. But if I can't play the song, then they can't really do much for me. I've spoke with my PT about it and they said "oh you should really consult your GP about that". To which I consulted my GP and THEY SAID ITS MY FRICCIN PTs JOB. I'm sorry for being dramatic but FML. Does anyone have any advice or exercises I could try. I'm honestly so close to just giving up completely with it 😂
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2022.01.27 21:32 crystalbluez Theory about Hiyoko

I think that she eats so much candy because her traumatic upbringing made her paranoid about the food she eats. She did tell Hajime that her relatives messed with her food before. When she had to deal with her family’s bullying, candy was the only kind of sustenance around her that was safe.
After all, there’s way they could have tampered with an unopened pack of gummy bears.
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